Current Group Programs

Social Skills and Peer Support Program

Social Skills and Peer Support Program

Support Group for Parents with children experiencing mental health concerns

Support Group for Parents with children experiencing mental health concerns

Behavioural Support Groups for Parents

Behavioural Support Groups for Parents

Group Sessions Types Available

Peer Support Programs

We love seeing peers support each other and believe that connecting with those who are going through similar circumstances to yourself can have an incredible impact on your wellbeing.

We run a variety of peer support programs which are based on need, location and age and can be a more affordable option for some families.

This can be a great alternative for young people who may not feel that one on one support is for them or that would benefit from forming new connections with like minded young people.

All sessions are facilitated by a Counsellor and each session focuses on a different topic related to wellbeing.

Other Peer Support programs available – include:

Body Project (Eating Disorder and Obesity Prevention)

  • Designed to challenge the appearance ideal
  • 8-10 students, 4 week, single sex group, age range 13-16
  • Empowering
  • Fostering critical thinking of media and social messages about appearance

Project Unstoppable

  • For girls aged 11-13 years old
  • Empowering girls to look beyond who society says they should be
  • Teaching girls to become advocates who support and encourage each other
  • Topics include self love, self worth and healthy relationships
  • Locations: Woodville or Camden Park
  • PDF Leaflet

Parent Support Programs

We provide practical tools, support, connection and advice to parents who are supporting their child through mental health challenges.

Facilitated by a qualified counsellor with extensive experience working with children and young people.

Small groups to allow for valuable connection and a personalised interactive approach, with plenty of opportunity to discuss personal scenarios.

School Programs

We run a variety of different groups that are specifically tailored to meet the current needs of your school. School Groups are generally organised to have robust discussion regarding difficult topics or aspects of wellbeing that are beneficial to have a neutral, external provider.

These groups are generally regarding the struggles and issues that come with being a teenager and are run in a way that is enjoyable and interactive by including games, case studies, linking situations with pop culture and their interests etc.

Following a meeting with the school to discuss current concerns and desired outcomes, we encourage students to play a part in planning the content for the series of sessions.

We started this program following feedback from School Counsellors and Teachers that they were requiring support to be able to effectively and efficiently check in with multiple students and address current trends and issues within particular student cohorts.

Ideal group size is approx. 12 students however this can be negotiated depending on topic, desired outcomes and number of sessions.