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A picture tells a thousand words

Depression & Anxiety

For many of the young people that we work with, finding the words to express the feelings associated with their experience of depression and anxiety can prove a challenging task.

Katie Joy Crawford, in her own words, has been ‘battling anxiety for a decade’ and decided to use her photography skills to attempt to capture and express the anxiety.

In many cases, it can be easy for young people to explain they’ve experienced a racing heart, sweating, shortness of breath, lightheadedness etc. however it is much more difficult to talk about the feelings and emotions that can’t be seen by those around them. Katie successfully captures these feelings and emotions and this series is an absolute credit to her. We thank Katie for her incredible insight.

Katie’s closing statement on her website is a strong and valuable message. “I want to end this stigma that “it’s all in your head”. It IS in your head; and that’s the most terrifying part.” An important quote for us to remember in our work with young people experiencing depression and anxiety.

Please check out the link to Katie’s website below and use the series of pictures to either further understand what you have been facing personally or what someone close to you has been experiencing.